Monday, December 23, 2013

My Watercolor Christmas Postcard This Year

“It is the heart always that sees before the head can see.”
– Thomas Carlyle

Copyright Beth Parker Art 2013
Copyright Beth Parker Art 2013

My Christmas Postcard This Year

I painted this little card to send out this year.  I love the idea of Santa having a nice break at his vacation home after delivering all those presents.  And of course, he takes the elves along.  Mrs Claus is probably inside making the margaritas.

Have yourselves a very Merry Christmas!

About Thomas Carlyle

Scottish historian Thomas Carlyle is best known for his biographies of Frederick the Great and the German playwright Schiller. He was born in 1795. The first draft of his acclaimed two-volume work, The French Revolution, was accidentally burned by his friend John Stuart Mill’s maid; he rewrote it from scratch and imbued the rewrite with more passion and immediacy than was common at the time. This made his writing very popular in Victorian England. He died in 1881.

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