Thursday, January 15, 2015

What would you do with a wooden fish?

Hi my friends!
Yes, it's been a very long time since I have published a blog post.  My brain was trying to wrap itself around the need to be out there with my art and the need to keep some of it hidden away to keep it safe.
I have been doing a lot of painting for the Art Licensing business and I've been keeping much of that art under wraps a bit.
One November day, I decided to put all of that aside and paint for pure joy.  For me.  In acrylic.  On wood.
Next thing I know, I am out in my work shop (here at Signs by Beth) cutting fish out of wood.  My Jig saw was so comfortable in my hand!  I was having a ball. 
Loving my Jig Saw
Loving my Jig Saw
Well, the first 4 fish I finished sold within 4 hours after taking them to the gallery (Our Favorite Place) and posting them on Facebook.  So I started painting more fish.
You can probably guess where this is going.  No more fish sold.  Christmas is over.  I now have a lovely box of fish.
Box of Fish sm
I have been getting creative, when I have time.  Here's one that I painted the back side with my 2015 "Intention" word.  It's hanging in the sign shop.
Believe 1 sm
If you want to share any ideas, like Betty at Our Favorite Place, who suggested a mobile with little fish dangling below, I would welcome your ideas.  I have thought of putting hooks at the bottom for keys or pegs for hanging stuff.
Let's have some fun with this.  I'll share more photos, too.  If you are a blog subscriber and I make something with your idea and it sells, I'll send a free surprise gift.
Thanks for reading my blog!


Cindy D. said...

Hi Beth! I just stumbled upon your name because I am trying to decide whether to join the ArtLicensingShow website. Are you still involved? Do you recommend it?

It seems they are running a special that is ending shortly. I am impressed by the banners of other artists there, but I don't know much about it.

In the meantime, what cute fish! What a bummer no more sold after that first one. I could see a whimsical ocean mural on a whole wall with those fish swimming about. :)

Lindy G. Gaskill said...

I love your fish. So colorful and fun. I think a mobile would be cool as would the hooks for keys. You could put them on sticks and make them into Garden Art too. I could see three of them at different heights in a flower garden.

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