Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New York City Street Scene – 8″ x 8″ Watercolor

Every new moment that arises in your life can now be a point of choice. . .in which you can choose to treat yourself and others with Compassion rather than Judgment.
–David Harp

New York City Street Scene – 8″ x 8″ Watercolor

Look Ma… No Sharpie!  **giggle**  (says the Sharpie addict)

Okay, I have questions and my friend Carol King, who lives in New York City, said she’d help.  In order for my questions to make sense, I need to show you the whole scene, before I cut out the stuff I was afraid to paint.

I already asked Carol what the tourist percentage was.  She told me… “Depends what part of the City you’re in. If you’re at the Empire State Building say, then it’s more like 80%! Times Square at Broadway show curtain time? 99%! You can’t walk at all!

I asked about how hard it was to walk around all those people gawking up and taking photos.  Carol has things she tells her visiting friends NOT to do and I believe that is on the list.  he he  I’m sure this list is just for their safety.  Carol says she likes tourists and tries to be helpful and friendly, since she is also a tourist when she travels.

I have more questions.

Do they really put tables and chairs out in the middle of the street?   Or maybe this is like a food court in a mall…. give the people a convenient place to eat and gawk without getting hurt.

Do they really surf there?  Is this not reserved for the west coast?
I see it is really clean.  I like that.  Is all of New York City this clean?

There are many ladies alone in this photo.  Is it really that safe?  Most of us have a scarier vision of New York City, I think.

KFC… really?  I thought New York City was too cosmopolitan for KFC.

Everybody seems so relaxed and laid back.  Are there any locals in this photo, besides the guy in the tie?

Is Tim Horton’s coffee really, really good?  I can smell the aroma from here.  :)

Carol said she’d come by and try to answer my questions.  I'll  post them here tomorrow.  Carol is really funny and a life long New Yorker, so it'll be good.

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