Thursday, November 29, 2012

Nelson’s Feed & Seed – Eufaula, OK - 8" x 10" Watercolor

“One way to become enthusiastic is to look for the plus sign. To make progress in any difficult situation, you have to start with what’s right about it and build on that.”
Norman Vincent Peale

Copyright Beth Parker Art 2012

Nelson’s Feed & Seed – Eufaula, OK

The Nelson family has owned the feed store since the early 1930′s.  Vernon Nelson purchased it and his grandson, T.Max Nelson runs it today.   It was leased to others for a time in the early years, but it has been Nelson operated since 1962.  Don’t you just love it?

If you look over your right shoulder, you will see my sign shop.  Their rooster has been known to wander over for a visit.

The quote below was also with the above quote and I loved it, so you’re getting a little extra today.  It’s from the book Body, Mind & Spirit by Anonymous.

 ”Beginning our days with a positive mental outlook is a great depression chaser. Simply lifting our heads and looking up and out instead of down will make us feel better. Although we can’t spend all our time staring at the sky, we can train ourselves to look for the best in ourselves and others.

 Even in the middle of difficulty or pain, we have choices. We can choose a gloom-and-doom attitude and endlessly replay the thoughts that accompany it. Or we can step back and find the one good thing. We may be blinded with pain. The situation may appear hopeless, utterly bleak. But recovery guarantees that we are equal to it; that in our pain there is at least one good thing.

We are the masters of our fate. We can change even the most difficult situations with an attitude of hope and positive expectation. Approaching each day with a hopeful heart will give us a different approach to our troubles.”

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