Monday, April 27, 2009

Rose - April 27, 2009

7" x 7" watercolor
Today I will let go of procrastination. I will take a look at why I put off responsibilities and how I can change this behavior.

Do I feel that I won't do certain tasks well enough or that they're too overwhelming? Do I set specific standards for myself and then fail because I've set them too high? Do I expect perfection from myself and then put off what I fear will be imperfect? As long as I accomplish my tasks to the best of my ability, I will succeed. I can jump in with both feet when necessary and feel proud that I at least started what I needed to do. Nothing can ever be completed without starting it first.When I procrastinate, I will never get where I need to go, and eventually I will become overwhelmed and buried underneath all the things I refused to start.

Today I will let go of the desire to put off what needs to be done now.

--Judith R. Smith

Boy... This one is for me!!!!

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