Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Whiskey Transfer - April 7, 2009

7" x 10" Whiskey Transfer Cottage with Watercolor

This is a fun method I learned. Use an inkjet copy and turn it over on to your watercolor paper. Use whiskey, gin or vodka (isopropyl alcohol won't work) and brush onto the back of the painting with a stiff brush. You can do all or just a portion of your inkjet image. Then, simply paint it or do pen & ink. It dries fast and is ready to work on right away. Have fun!

Only a few of those who accomplish things in this world are superintellects. However they have one super quality that keeps them going: the I-will-keep-trying attitude, the never-give-up, the stick-with-it, the hang-in-there, the keep-it-going attitude.

--Norman Vincent Peale

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