Monday, May 13, 2013

Future – Hunter & Gage - My Sweet Great Nephews

“If we wait for the moment when everything is ready, we shall never begin.”
– Ivan Turgenev

Copyright Beth Parker Art 2013
Copyright Beth Parker Art 2013

Future – Hunter & Gage

Hunter is a newborn and Gage is three and a half.  They are my great nephews.  These are their little feet.  The word for Illustration Friday this week is “future” and I can’t think of anything more perfect than these two little boys.

I am going to paint it, so this also a future painting.  :D

About Ivan Turgenev


Russian novelist Ivan Turgenev, celebrated for his dark, realistic novels about Russian life, is best known for the novel Fathers and Sons, about the conflicting ideologies between generations. He was born in 1818 to a wealthy Russian family. He and his brother were raised by an abusive mother who was rumored to have smothered one of her serfs. He rose to fame with A Sportsman’s Sketches, which may have influenced the Tsar to free the serfs. He died in France in 1883.

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