Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Eve 2008

As this time of year rolls around, I have very warm memories of Thanksgiving eve with my family. There were traditions that I have not carried on, but I'm sure my sister has... and maybe my brother, because they both have kids. One of my favorites is the Heavenly Hash. The night before Thanksgiving, we would count out exactly 100 miniature marshmellows. To this, we added some pineapple and something else. (The memory of the ingredients is not as powerful as the memory of doing it.) We'd put that into the freezer to set overnight. In the morning, we'd add nuts, Cool Whip and some more stuff. It was wonderful!

Thanksgiving day, I remember playing scrabble with my Dad. It was tradition! We would eat our dinner on the good china and drink our cranberry juice from wine glasses. Fun! There was usually a walk around the block after dinner. Yeah, those are great memories!

This year, we are spending our third Thanksgiving with our friends, Jerry & Teresa.... and about 40 of thier family members and friends. It's a great day! I hope anyone who reads this has a wonderful holiday!

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