Monday, December 1, 2008

Birthday Weekend - November 30, 2008

Well, I arrived at 52 on Sunday. I am not a bid spooked by aging (except for the wrinkles) because I am healthy and having the time of my life. In my 50's, I seem to be busier than I have ever been. I am also happier. I can't imagine anything better!

Duane endulged me on my birthday and I got to stay home. I rarely get to spend a whole day at home and I love those days. We did go out to breakfast around 6 am, since we were both up, then I enjoyed the rest of the day painting, cooking and watching movies with Duane. It was heaven!

I painted the little meercat last week and this weekend, I struggled with the Venice painting. I ended up ruining the water, big time! I may come back with some pen & ink to save it, but for now, I just cropped the bottom off so you can't see it. hee hee.

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