Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve, 2008

Old unhealthy thoughts can block off inspiration.
Dropping them releases a strong flow of power
through the mind.

from the book - Positive Thinking Every Day
Norman Vincent Peale

The closer we come to the end of one thing, the closer
we are to the beginning of the next thing. Birth and
death, starting and finishing, filling and emptying,
these are the processes by which the physical nature of
life affirms itself. But the spiritual life never begins
or ends, it just is. Only our awareness changes.
Tending our spiritual life, increasing our
awareness of it, and letting go more and more of our
dependence on the physical part of life, is the way to
real freedom and independence.

Sandy Bierig
from the book - Time for Joy

Have a wonderful Christmas eve & a great Christmas!


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