Tuesday, December 2, 2008

December 2, 2008 New Linocut

I finished my linocut for Four Oceans Press. It's 6" x 8" and falls into the water theme for a winter trade. I really enjoyed doing this waterfall. Of course it may be some time before my right hand works properly again!

This is an actual picture of the linoleum, because I haven't printed them yet. This printmaking could really become addictive, if it weren't for the pain! hee hee.

It is the largest one I have ever made and only the fifth one, at that. I have a really good friend who is a printmaker. She is encouraching me to go forth and carve! I have been contemplating the next project at Four Oceans Press, which is air. I'm hesitaing now, but we know I'll do it. Don't we?

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