Thursday, May 6, 2010

Patchwork Pound Puppy Puzzle 3 for P.A.W.S.

“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”
– Samuel Beckett

Better than not trying at all, right?


Patchwork Pound Puppy Puzzle 3 for P.A.W.S.
5″ x 7″ Acrylic on Wooden Puzzle

Who could resist that face.    This is the third of the three puzzles I painted for the Southeast Oklahoma Association of Realtors charity auction.  I think my next little project will be to start on a bird house for a friend’s house warming gift.  She loves birdhouses!  Sounds fun, huh?  It is not assembled, so I can paint without having to get in to all of those tight spots.  Uh oh…. can you see a cat birdhouse coming?  he he he  That might make it too hard for the birdies to enjoy their lunch.  Speaking of lunch....

Over the weekend, we were watching the birds having a feast at a friend’s house.  Some termites had hatched in an old rotten log and they were flying out of the log by the millions.  There were a dozen different birds and a lizard eating, while we were there.  The lizard and a cardinal even fussed a little.  It was so cute.  After we left, my friend said another lizard and more birds came to eat.

After a while, a snake appeared, which puzzled my friend.  Snakes don’t eat bugs?  Well, before long, he had a lizard hanging out of his mouth.  He was a small snake and couldn’t eat him all at once.  What an adventure in nature.

About Samuel Beckett

Samuel Beckett, the absurdist Irish playwright known for his darkly funny minimalist plays like Waiting for Godot and Endgame, won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1969 and reportedly gave away most of the money to needy artists. He was born in Dublin in 1906 and moved to France to join the resistance during World War II. His plays, poetry, and novels used elements from burlesque and vaudeville to explore the human struggle to make sense of life. He died in 1989.

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