Thursday, July 28, 2011

Three Little Piggies

“We have to fight them daily, like fleas, those many small worries about the morrow, for they sap our energies.”
– Etty Hillesum

Three Little Piggies – 10″ x 14″ Watercolor & Sharpie

Today is the first day of Eufaula’s 27th Annual Whole Hawg Days.  I thought it would be a perfect fit to post the little pigs I painted on Sunday.  Click that link to see the logo I designed this year.  They cut it off some, but you can still see it.

If you’re a local, come on out and join the fun.  The folks at the Eufaula Area Chamber of Commerce work really hard to make this a great event every year.

About Etty Hillesum

Etty Hillesum, less famous than her contemporary, Anne Frank, lived a short life of great courage. She was born in 1914 in the Netherlands to a Dutch father and a Russian mother. She studied law, Slavic languages, and psychology. Hungry for knowledge, she cut down on food in order to buy books. She went voluntarily to the Westerbork camp to help fellow Jews interned by the Nazis. Her letters detail her experiences; her more meditative diary focuses on issues of faith. She died at Auschwitz in 1943.

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