Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dive Shop

If you’re dog-tired at night, it may be because you growled all day.
–War Cry

“Negative attitudes wear us out. Assuming the worst will happen, focusing on just our faults, constant complaining, are attitudes that bring us down. If we stumble on a flight of stairs and feel embarrassed, it’s going to feel even worse if we growl and curse. We’ll feel much better if we laugh at ourselves and see the humor.

People want to be around those who are cheerful. The good cheer we send out will come back to us from others who are healthy. We can choose these cheerful people as our friends, and our happiness will grow and blossom in this good soil.

Today let me try to say something cheerful to another.”
–Nancy Hull-Mast

Dive Shop – 5″ x 7″ Watercolor

Another Belize painting, thanks to Li’s wonderful photography.   I just had to play with it and make it a little goofy.  :)

Li was on the mainland, but where we were on Ambergris Caye, everything north of San Pedro town was only accessible by piers and water taxis.  When we were there in 2002, there were still no cars north of the little wooden ferry at San Pedro town.   Belizian men would pull the ferry back and forth with ropes.  Golf carts, bicycles or pedestrians were all it could handle.  They have since put a bridge in, to replace the ferry.

The water taxis were the only reliable mode of transportation, north of the ferry back then.   When we got married on the beach, 9 years ago this weekend, our wedding planner (a local requirement back then) and our minister came to us by water taxi.

What great memories we have from Belize.  :)

But… here is that dive shop again.  If I leave the wedding photo as the last picture on the blog, it will post it to facebook and I ‘m saving that for another time.  :)

Nancy Hull-Mast is a contributor for the following Hazelden Title: Our Best Days.
Our Best Days is a book of daily meditations for those who cherish the simple truths of recovery. Its clear and practical ideas-and spiritual themes-give daily insights into the process of change. Our Best Days has been cherished by those new to recovery as well as by recovery old-timers.

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