Thursday, May 3, 2012

Do-Wa-Ditty Doodle Bookmarks

“Sometimes I think, the things we see
Are shadows of the things to be;
That what we plan, we build.”

–Phoebe Cary

Copyright Beth Parker Art 2012

Do-Wa-Ditty Doodle Bookmarks – Watercolor & Sharpie

Saturday night, we attended a neighborhood dinner and my hubby had a couple (or three) margaritas.  I drank coffee.  Sunday morning I woke up with a headache.   (He didn’t, by the way.)  So… I was wanting something mindless to work on while waiting for the Aleve to kick in.   I had such a great time doing these!  I worked on them for hours!

Phoebe Cary (September 4, 1824 – July 31, 1871) was an American poet, and the younger sister of poet Alice Cary (1820–1871). The sisters co-published poems in 1849, and then each went on to publish volumes of her own. After their deaths in 1871, joint anthologies of the sisters’ unpublished poems were also compiled.
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Joan Smith said...

Beth, love the bookmarks. Got any plans to sell them?
I'd be interested in buying five. Let me know. (I think they would make great small Christmas gifts for my five close friends).
Love you,

Beth Parker said...

Hi Joan! I hadn't made any plans to sell them, but I would be happy to make 5 for you. They were really fun to do! In fact... one of them was put in the mail to you yesterday. Happy Mother's Day! Love you! -Beth

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