Friday, October 15, 2010

Kitty and Blooms

And this is what I learned:  if I change my belief system, I can change my life. If we change what we believe, we change what is possible;we change reality. The mind changes the world. Consciousness is the tool of our liberation.

Christina Baldwin

Kitty and Blooms
6″ x 9″ Watercolor

 Here’s another older cat painting. It does seem odd to see me paint them in their real color, doesn’t it?

Nice fall colors. :D

I’m so thankful for our recent weather. It was such a brutally HOT summer and usually we just hop right from hot to a brrrrrring cold winter. This is the first fall we have had in ages, that lingered long enough for us to really languish in it and appreciate it.

People that frowned all summer, while wilting in the heat, are smiling and cheerful. It’s just amazing the affect the weather has on us. I hope you are enjoying a great fall where you are, too.

Christina Baldwin is an eloquent and witty speaker and educator who integrates the spiritual journey and the practical path in her retreats and workshops. She has taught nationally and internationally since the mid-1970s, and has contributed classic books in the emerging bodies of knowledge around personal writing, group process and spirituality. Her first work, One to One: Self-Understanding through Journal Writing is a pioneering text that has remained in continuous print for a quarter of a century. Its sequel, Life’s Companion, Journal Writing as a Spiritual Quest, extended the art of journal writing to spiritual practice.

In the early 1990s, Baldwin began developing a group process methodology that led to the concepts presented in her ground-breaking work, Calling the Circle: The First and Future Culture. This book has introduced thousands of people to a practical, hands-on structure for convening their meetings in circle and tapping collective wisdom. She has taken this work to the heart of mainstream culture in North America, Europe, and Africa.

Now living on an island near Seattle, Washington, she and author/educator Ann Linnea manage PeerSpirit, offering a variety of consulting seminars, practica, and wilderness programs. Their clients include health care corporations; health care delivery teams: university administrations, faculties, and graduate student programs; church congregations and religious administrative offices; provincial government housing administrations; Federal Corrections administration; industrial manufacturing teams; software development staff and project teams.

In 2000 – 2001, with the Berkana Institute, Baldwin co-developed the international initiative From the Four Directions, presented at the Women in Lucent Leadership Conference, worked with the Race and Gender Institute at the University of North Carolina, and consulted with the Center for Nursing Leadership. When at home she adores the peace of island life: beach walking, bicycling, gardening and kayaking.

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