Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Don’t Think My Feet Are Big! – Bird Painting

“Trust your hunches. They’re usually based on facts filed away just below the conscious level.”
– Dr. Joyce Brothers

I Don’t Think My Feet Are Big!
Watercolor & Sharpie

I flew my night dual (CFI in the plane with me) cross country last night!   A cross country is flying between airports at least 50 nautical miles apart.  We flew from Muskogee to McAlester and back.  As we flew over Lake Eufaula, we could see the light in my yard!  How fun is that?

If the weather holds out, we’ll do a dual cross country on Saturday, from Muskogee to Ft. Smith, AR,  to McAlester and back to Muskogee.  Then…. (drum roll please)… I’ll make that same trip by myself, not long after that.  I am so excited!!

About Dr. Joyce Brothers

The popular American psychologist and advice columnist Joyce Brothers first found fame by winning The $64,000 Question game show. She was born in 1928. Her influence, through a daily newspaper column, radio and TV shows, and more than ten best-selling self-help books, has made her one of the ten most admired women in America, according to a number of polls. After her husband died in 1989, she wrote her most personal book, Widowed, delving into her own grief. She lives in New York.

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