Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Computer Generated Clipart Collage

“Courage is the human virtue that counts most — courage to act on limited knowledge and insufficient evidence. That’s all any of us have.”
– Robert Frost

The Essence of Me
Computer Generated Clipart Collage

Linda Halcomb posted an End of Summer Self Portrait Challenge on her blog. Today is the day we are supposed to post our self portrait.

I tried to paint myself, three times.  I can’t capture the resemblance, so  I decided to do what I call a clipart collage.

Starting from the top….

1. The little business card  is a logo I use on a lot of paperwork, like quotes or letters.  It’s being held by a stock clipart lady from Printmaster Platinum 17.

2. Of course I have to add a lady at the computer.  So much of my work is done on a computer and then I do all the blogging, website, wetcanvas, etc. (stock clipart)

3. I need a boat in there, since I live on a lake. (stock clipart)

 4. The books are front and center.  They are my motivational books.  I made this part from boxes and text.

 5. Purple cow is there, because it makes me smile! (stock clipart)

6. We have to have the woman in the plane.  Wheeeeeeeee! (stock clipart)

 7. And of course, the painter-lady.  (stock clipart)

All of this is “welded” together, pixel by pixel, so that it could even be cut from vinyl, if I wanted to make a sign from it.  :D

For more self-portraits of various artists click here and go to the comments section. Other artists, who participated, have left their links there.

About Robert Frost

Robert Frost, the influential American poet known for his rural settings, uncluttered language, and meditative themes, wrote the poems, “A Road Not Taken” and “Mending Walls,” among many others. He was born in San Francisco in 1874 and moved to Massachusetts at age 11. He ran a farm for ten years, selling it to move to England and become a full-time poet. After achieving his goal, he moved back to New Hampshire. His ambition was to write “a few poems it will be hard to get rid of.” He died in 1963.


vickie/www.vickieleastudios.com said...


You are an amazing lady! Every time I read your blog I am amazed at how much art you produce...you keep a business running, you're involved in community and flying lessons on top of all of that! Wow! You are definitely using every hour of the day. I need to hang out with you for a while and take lessons on how to accomplish so much.

Beth Parker said...

Wow!! That is so nice of you to say, Vickie! I never feel like I am getting enough done. I think I'll just sit back and enjoy your comment for a little while! Thanks!!

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