Friday, November 12, 2010

Masters Study – Pablo Picasso, Autoportrait 1899-1900

Today I am posting a little extra.  This comes from my little book, Time for Joy, by Ruth Fishel (daily affirmations) and the stuff she says after the quote is really good.  So I am going to type it all in here for you, one little finger peck at a time.

“Whatever we see as our “self” must have a place in our own hearts and consciousness before we can become individualized as personalities.”
Marsha Sinetar

“The way we see ourselves begins with our earliest memories.  It comes from the messages we received from those around us.  If we see ourselves in any negative way, we are letting these messages from others run our lives in a negative way.
It takes time to identify those voices and know that they are not ours.  We need to take that time to know that no matter what and who we are, we are just where we need to be to grow and mature.
Once we can allow ourselves this respect, we can develop as individuals.  Today is a wonderful day for this.”

“Today I am discovering who I am.  Today I am becoming my person, worthy of developing all of me.  Today I am beginning to know that I am okay the way I am.”
Ruth Fishel

Isn’t that cool!

Masters Study – Pablo Picasso, Autoportrait 1899-1900
2.5″ x 3.5″ Gouache on Art Spectrum Colourfix

I remember every brush stroke I did on this, like it was yesterday.  Again, something that looked easy was very difficult.  I loved every minute of it, right down to that little “YO”.  :)

A link to the original painting by Pablo Picasso is escaping me again.  I can’t find this painting, so I’ll do a little photoshop thing, to show you both.

I am going back to my post with Ferdinand Loyen du Puigaudeau to do the same, so you can see the original.  You can find it here.  Mine is awful, when you see them side by side.  I was so new to painting and it was really difficult, especially 2.5″ x 3.5″.  :)

Marsha Sinetar, Ph.D., is an organizational psychologist, mediator, and writer who for the past several years has been increasingly immersed in the study of self-actualizing adults.
Marsha Sinetar’s life and works are about helping adults move toward wholeness. She lectures, teaches, and writes about how the entirety of what you do in live, including your work, should contribute to your happiness, joy and fulfillment.

I have probably given you Ruth Fishel’s bio many times, since I quote often from her book, so I’ll give you a link to her Facebook page in stead.

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