Monday, December 12, 2011

Cats Interrupted

“Attitudes are nothing more than habits of thoughts; and habits can be acquired. An action repeated becomes an attitude realized.”
– Paul Myer

Copyright Beth Parker Art 2011
Cats Interrupted – 5.5″ x 8.5″ Watercolor

This is my own version of some cats in a photo by Phlugel at WetCanvas.  I added the colors and the mouse, of course.   The look on the cat with the purple tail reminds me of a cat who was intently minding their own business, when they were suddenly interrupted by the photographer.  This was fun.

Paul Myer -1928 – 2009
Born in San Mateo, California in 1928 to a German immigrant father and a mother of Scottish descent, Paul J. Meyer possessed an unyielding urge to learn, to excel, and to be innovative in all his endeavors.

Always considered a person with an idea ahead of its time, Meyer became interested in the principles of personal growth, development, and success at an early age. He was particularly interested in the process of goal setting, as this process was in tune with his keen desire for personal achievement. By using goal-setting principles in his chosen career of professional sales, Meyer became a millionaire by the age of 27.

More importantly, however, Meyer held the firm belief that all people, regardless of their gender, personality, social standing, or level of education, could develop the necessary characteristics to achieve and live a lifetime of success. To this end, Meyer founded Success Motivation® Institute, Inc. in 1960, a company dedicated to motivating people to their full potential.® This company brought into reality Meyer’s long-standing dream of providing practical, effective materials to help people achieve their goals and enjoy greater success.  Source:

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