Monday, April 8, 2013

Another Purple Dachshund Watercolor

“The man who makes no mistakes does not usually make anything.”
– William Connor Magee

Copyright Beth Parker Art 2013
Copyright Beth Parker Art 2013

Little Purple Doxie – 4″ x 5″ Watercolor

I did this little quickie this morning, because I had a little extra time on my hands.  I have one of those atomic alarm clocks that is over 15 years old.  It changed to daylight savings automatically…. at the time of year it used to change.  So when I thought I was getting up at 5:00 am, it was actually only 4:00.  Mercy!
I don’t really even like this painting, but I know a few dachshund lovers that may look past the flaws.  :D

About William Connor Magee


British prelate William Connor Magee was known as the Militant Bishop for his forceful speaking style, though he always worked for peace. He was born in 1821 in Ireland. Extremely bright, he enrolled in Trinity College at age 13. Ordained to a curacy at St. Thomas’s, Dublin, his fame as a speaker took him all the way to the powerful Archbishop of York. He spoke several times in the House of Lords, arguing against the dissolution of the Irish Church and against national temperance laws. He died on May 5, 1891.
“Talk doesn’t cook rice.” –Chinese proverb

“Some of us are crazy about self-help books, inspirational tapes, and personal improvement seminars. We’ll buy or sign up for anything, whatever the price, if it promises revolutionary insights or a foolproof new system. We want relief in a day and deliverance in a weekend. And we want the expert of the hour to do it for us. There’s nothing wrong with wishing, of course. But there’s a lot wrong with kidding ourselves as a way of life.
Think about it: If progress could be bought, we wouldn’t need to be meditating. If personal transformation resulted from collecting new ideas, we’d have been transformed long ago. Exploring is great. And looking for all the inspiration and wisdom we can find is necessary for growth. But changing is doing. All the plans and schemes for improvement put together won’t change a thing if we don’t put the principles into daily practice. Even catchy words are just words.”

 –Earnie Larsen & Carol Larsen Hegarty

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